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Side Table Set of 2 Rounds by Studio Straf

Campanha Sofa by De La Vega Designs

Bridger Oval by Caste Design

Henri Loveseat by Aguirre Design

Kitami Large Suspension by VeniceM

André Armchair by Jean de Merry

Luna A Small Sconce by Gabriel Scott

Composition in D by J. McDonald

Alma Nueva Vase by Ayres

Modules by Dylan Farrell

Trave Sofa by Umberto Bellardi Ricci

Alia Dining Table by Thomas Trad

Aria Composition I by Cors

Metropolis Table Lamp by Jan Garncarek Design

Primario 120 by Studio H. Fernández

Bronze Vessels Shape S1 by Bronze Age

Sara Bond Chair by Agrippa

Omega Table by Atra Form Studio

Ceramic Vases by Milan Pekar

Colección Molinillos by Colección Estudio

Totem Sideboard by Siete Studio

Pendant Lamp Large Series 001 by KISCOP

Felt Chair by Stacklab

Stool Mute by NØDE

Perchoir 06 by

Pressed Wood Floor Lamp by Johannes Hemann

Movement Mirror by Joel Escalona

Mhzartwa No2 by Atelier Agahzadeh

Signature Pendant Light by Square in Circle

Ad Stool 2.0 by Arno Declercq

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Exclusive Collections

Jeden by Jan Garncarek Design

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Jeden is a collection of lamps and a cosmological perspective of the designer who watches various phenomena that are ordinarily not connected. Travel impressions interweave with the observation of celestial bodies, and comets.

Hiwot by Hintsa Rudman

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Hintsa Rudman’s debut collection ‘Hiwot’ is composed of many fragments; an assemblage of the things that have influenced and informed the designers – the places, homes, people and objects that have defined their worlds, both separately and together.

Hintsa Rudman_Begoni Side Table_Case Goods_Studio Fenice_ (5)

Begoni Side Table

Hintsa Rudman

Price Available Upon Request

Hintsa Rudman_Derima Console_Case Goods_Studio Fenice_ (5)

Derima Console

Hintsa Rudman

Price Available Upon Request

Hintsa Rudman_Kemeti Cabinet_Case Goods_Studio Fenice_ (5)

Kemeti Cabinet

Hintsa Rudman

Price Available Upon Request

Hintsa Rudman_Menberi Coffee Table_Case Goods_Studio Fenice_ (5)

Menberi Coffee Table

Hintsa Rudman

Price Available Upon Request

Hintsa Rudman_Meste Credenza_Case Goods_Studio Fenice_ (5)

Meste Credenza

Hintsa Rudman

Price Available Upon Request

Hintsa Rudman_Taola Dining Table_Case Goods_Studio Fenice_ (5)

Taola Dining Table

Hintsa Rudman

Price Available Upon Request

Aon by Maison Dalziel

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AON which means “one” in Scottish Gaelic, and is the first selection of seven upholstery pieces launched by Maison Dalziel. The collection brings a relaxed elegance with expert artisanry and carefully sourced materials, to create memories meant to last a lifetime.

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